Villanova Eviscerates Michigan With SuperSub’s Nuclear Night


Donte DiVincenzo is known as “The Michael Jordan of Delaware” and also “The Big Ragu” for his Italian heritage. He’s also a kid who tweeted some dumb embarrassing stuff when he was 14. He’s also a Final Four MOP and NCAA Champion. All Hail “Bossa Nova” for a dominating title run.

CzabeCast Rundown Tuesday April 3, 2018
Tiger and Phil Practice Together? What?!

Drew Olsen: The Big 920 – Milwaukee, WI
1 NCAA Championship Game Recap
2 Dante’s Inferno: White Guy Standards
3 The Old Tweet Controversy: I Was Hacked!
4 Dome Games/San Antonio Host City
5 One Shining Moment Alternatives?
6 Brewers Opening Day
7 Jim Mora on Josh Rosen the Millenial
8 Jon Gruden Cuts Punter: Fire The Black Man?
9 Bullpenning Gabe Kapler’s Rough Start
10 Fuck That Guy!


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