Daily Czabe: Get Ready to “Rock the Neutral”


Former Bullets executive Susan O’Malley once bragged into her microphone at a Michael Jordan introductory press conference with the Wizards “My house…  my rules” when cutting off a reporter. And yeah, she’s not wrong. Pro sports teams can pretty much make whatever rules do not cross any local or federal laws when it comes to what is allowable inside their building.

Well, the Tampa Bay Lightning have an edict that any opposing fans sitting in their high end “Lexus Lounge” seats and those against the glass may NOT wear their teams colors. Not even if there’s no logo on that clothing. They are also “geofencing” the ability to buy tickets online from anybody outside the Tampa area.

Okay, whatever, I get it. But at some point, leagues will have to step in and say “look, we can’t stop every fan from wearing opposing gear to our building. It’s bad for business. A not insignificant number of fans travel and buy tickets for their team. We’re not just gonna throw that money away.”

I know that it does suck when this happens to your team, at home. We in DC have regularly seen FedEx Field taken over by Steeler, Cowboy, Eagle, Giant… and well… just about every team outside of Titans fans! The only solution: win, and stuff it up their ass on the way out of town!

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