CzabeCast Wednesday May 9, 2018


Remember NHL ’94? Of course people my age do! It might have been the greatest sports video game of all time! Charch joins me to discuss the sports video game Hall of Fame, plus he explains his “Whiskey Weekend” with the fellas. All that, plus how to learn real guitar through your video game console! SPECIAL GUEST: Paul Charchian, KFAN Radio, Minnesota.


  1. Your NHL ’94 segment with Charch was classic! I was in the Army stationed in Korea from 92-93. I was 24 and married at the time, wife and baby daughter in the States, so I brought the bare necessities for the 12 month tour. My roommate however, was single and brought his brand new Nintendo game system to help fritter away the hours while nursing soju-induced hangovers from the night before. Our PX was pretty sparse, not much different than a shitty truck stop, but did have a CD/DVD (yes, even VHS) section that even brought in the occasional new gaming releases. We started out with NHL ’93-we played the shit out of it, usually 1 on 1!! I was a Penguins fan, him a lukewarm Northstars fan because the team had just moved from Minnesota to Dallas. I of course always selected the Pens with their epic lineup of Lemieux, Jagr, Stevens, Mullen, Barrasso, etc., and usually smoked his ass regardless of who he picked. He finally settled on the NY Rangers and would scratch out a win every once in awhile. The hours we wasted and the beer consumed…as luck would have it, ’94 came out about the time we left Korea and came back to the States, and wouldn’t you know it, we both ended up at the same duty station again. With NHL ’94 in our possession now, we were like crack monkeys. I neglected a lot of my “husbandly” duties playing that fucking game, but have not one regret. I divorced the bitch a couple years later anyway…NHL’94 did me a huge favor! And oh yeah, my daughter is a huge hockey fan because of that game! Thanks for taking me back in time.

  2. Hey czabe, you were discussing the best sports video games, the absolute best are the over the top crazy sports games I.e NFL Blitz, and NHL Hitz. The absolute best would have to be NFL Blitz: the League…..

    Apparently I should have let the man finish, he just brought up Hitz and Blitz. Fn Blades of steel man, good shit there!

    Well that’s enough of this ramble, till next time.

    • Tecmo Super Bowl. That came out before Madden and had 11 players on each team on the field. Great game! For the original Nintendo

  3. Hi Czabe,

    Great podcasts. Been listening to you since the start of your B&B career, and have enjoyed it daily.

    Regarding your self scouting. In the words of Big Dan Teague, “One thing you don’t want is air in the conversation”. I think the fast repartee you have with B&B, and the other guests on Czabecast is one of the things that set you apart from others. Keep it up!


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