You Are Not Troy Polamalu. Sorry.


“It is not known how the fan made it past security, but real Steelers players quickly noticed the impostor who wore a jersey that had little resemblance to the practice jerseys the Steelers wear.”


  1. Steelers Uber Fan/Imposter Gets In Some Practice Reps
  2. Skins and Jets Fight Over Who Sucks More
  3. The NFL Will Have Their Worst TV Ratings In Years in 2018
  4. Jim Brown: Not A Kneeler. Go @ Him, Twitter Tough Guys
  5. Tiger Finishing Runner Up in Girlfriend Department Too
  6. Defiant Maryland Football Program Reeling After ESPN Report
  7. Tour de France Champ Beats Up Frankfurt Hooker
  8. Let’s Get Ready to Gamble!
  9. Nice Shoes, Prolly Fake
  10. Holy Shit


  1. No… Czabe… you and your clowns like Solomon can keep being conservative sports radio ‘tough guys’ can go after the protestors… continuing to show a complete unwillingness to even begin to understand the reasons they are protesting… and continue to be puppets in your boy Trump’s propaganda war, by trying to believing bullshit about this having to do with anything about being disrespectful to the military.

  2. Referencing your bullet point # 3 if they’re calling that a penalty this year,, Games will be 4 plus hours long but that won’t matter to me cuzz I’m out.


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