“Dude…. I Stole A Plane”


Tiger Woods and his spectacular SECOND PLACE finish at the PGA. Gary McCord is the worst. Brooks Koepka is kicking sand in everybody’s face. The crazy suicide-by-stole-airplane story in Seattle? Is he a hero, a tragic figure, or a FTG? Thom Loverro of The Washington Times, 106.7 WJFK and Cigars and Curveballs joins me to talk Maryland Football, Nats and Davey Martinez, and more.


  1. RE stealing dangerous things; I know for a fact that tanks never have keys of any sort. I guess the reasoning is that battlefields are far too chaotic for keys and such nonsense, and any crew must be able to quickly seize the gear and begin using it. If the old crew is dead and things I mean. While serving in the army, the slack security around the tanks and even the huge mobile artillery was one of the things that amazed me most.

    Good thing most people aren’t insane I guess. Although at 4:30 in the morning, ten hours into a 24 hour shift at the gates in negative 30, the mind certainly wanders into some weird areas. People do actually snap if there’s enough pressure, which was why the tank situation stood out to me. Drivers would jump in and out of different vehicles and move them around all the time. It’s like driving a forklift, except bigger.


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