Take Fake Dump, Make Real Money


What a country! Isiah Crowell, who once famously re-tweeted a vile artist rendering of a police officer having his throat slit, decided to wipe his butthole with the football after a touchdown on national TV. Instead of being cut as an idiot whom you can’t trust with a gameplan, he suffered a $13,000 fine from the league, offset by an endorsement opportunity from Dude Wipes. What a country!

  1. Isiah Crowell Finds Green, After Wiping Away The Browns
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  4. Creepy Old Man Tries to Buy 8 Year Old, At Walmart. Florida, natch.
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  9. NFL Might Be Splitting With DirecTV on Sunday Ticket
  10. Mike Leach Lecture Series 101: “Run/Pass Balance is Bullshit”



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