Memo To Owners: Most of Us Are Not Degenerates

Ted Leonsis lays out his vision for a micro-wagering future on all sports, especially his own two teams in his own arena. But are there really that many fans and fanatics just dying to wager on whether or not LeBron James misses his next free throw?

Special Guest: Drew Olson – The Big 920 – Milwaukee, WI
Leff’s Luckytown
Milwaukee Bars
Champagne Celebrations
Cubs or Rockies?
Little Bro Syndrome
Schedule Help/Roof
Rockies Ace
Yelich Trade
Worst Baseball Trades Ever
Old Hoss Radbourn/Capt. Andrew Luck
Cash for Humiliation?
Craig Counsell’s Humble Beginnings
Bench vs. “Position Group”
Locker-room Neighbors
The “Latin Corner”
Listener Complaint
Mr. X and My Picks On Fire!
Mahomes Magic
Mahomes Comps?
MNF Booth
Most Carries by RB/Game
Brooks v. DJ Fight
Pissed It Wasn’t Close
Small Sample Size
F*** That Guy!


  1. You should of cut drew off at the 2 minute mark of his never ending FTG segement.
    After 4 minutes who exactly was his FTG anyways?

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