2024 – Episode 2 – “Golf is A Redemption Sport”


Czabe and the 'Gang discuss Grayson Murray's breakthrough win at the Sony, the sometimes awkward conversation regarding alcohol and golf. Buddy gives tribute to legendary golf retailer Carl Rose of “Carl's Golfland” and we play a Quick 9!

(02:19) Grayson Murray won in Hawaii on Sunday

(13:05) Two golfing friends who have struggled with alcohol are missing this spring trip

(17:06) Capital Golf gang weighs in on controversial ruling at Sony Championship

(23:08) Two big names in golf retail died unexpectedly this week

(28:36) Is it legal to use artificial intelligence in your golf clubs

(39:32) Anyone at least once can sign up for a US Open local qualifier

(49:03) What would you do if they put one round of one of the majors behind paywall

(51:12) We're going to rank golf equipment based on how stupid they are

(54:32) Name one golfer you will never, ever criticize in the grill room

Grayson Murray, Redemption Story, PGA Tour, Rory Mcilroy, Alcoholism And Golf, Golf Retail Landscape, USGA Rules, Mental Health In Sports

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