Tomlin Today, Tomlin Tomorrow, Tomlin Forever


Czabe is joined by NOTORIOUS J-A-Y and two “Special Guest” Steeler fanboys to put a roundhouse beatin' on ol' Mr. “The Standard in the Standard” who it was announced is returning next year. Again. Jay also talks about the NFL playoffs, and loyalty in sports, or having “more than one team.” Plus a quick thought on the Whitlock v. SAS throwdown last week. MORE….

(02:56) I did something shoveling, of course. And it's been a bad couple of days, man

(03:25) Aaron left his 18 inch gas powered snowblower idle for two years

(06:13) We have a couple of guest walk ons who are Steeler fans

(10:15) Jay: Lamar Jackson needs to be a better quarterback in the playoffs

(14:08) Nathan Nye joins the chat from Philadelphia as a lifelong Stiller fan

(15:15) Jay says it's time to move on from Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin

(20:21) There is no organizational urgency to get another quarterback, Nathan says

(24:21) Cody: I'm going with Anthony Weaver over Mike Tomlin

(29:55) Zabecast listeners can get Rosetta Stone's lifetime membership for 50%

(33:01) Get drizzly, the Goto app for drink delivery

(34:31) It's out there today that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is coming back

(39:36) Steve Shirey: I loathe Dallas more than, uh, Rangers

(43:16) It was revealed today that Jim Ursay nearly died of an overdose in December

(46:50) The Warriors honored Jerry Krause and had his widow in attendance recently

(50:01) Jay Whitlock says he suffered a stroke and is seeking answers

(53:16) Also, since when football goes away, we have to do a list of sopranos

(54:38) We will go over the four playoff games we've got left

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