CzabeCast January 11, 2018


The Rooney Rule is called a “rule” for a reason, not the “Rooney Suggestion.” If the NFL plans to hold their member clubs accountable to league RULES, then they need to hammer the Raiders for the Jon Gruden hire. Will Le’Veon Bell really retire if he gets another franchise tag? What do you think? And contrasting views on how the Ryan Shazier story is playing out in the public narrative these days. Guest: Notorious J-A-Y proves he holds a grudge as a producer like the Ayotollah! All that, plus one woman in California is going to ruin the liberal Costco Return policy for all of us!


  1. Czabe, that interaction between you and Jay was great! I remember when I first started listening to your national show and Jay was producer, y’all were great together.

  2. So, your guest calls Jason Whitlock an Uncle Tom, says Katie Nolan isn’t hot, but fervidly hates trolling? I don’t know, man. Guess you go way back with this guy, but I can find that sort of say-anything-to-be-noticed garbage anywhere. I’ve grown accustomed to a higher level of discourse from the Czabe. This fell short.


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