CzabeCast January 10, 2018

Foxborough, MA 10/26/14 New England Patriots Shane Vereen, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on the sldelines with the game firmly at hand against the Chicago Bears during late fourth quarter action at Gillette Stadium on Sunday October 26, 2014. (Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff) Topic: PatriotsBears Reporter:

The possible, maybe, probably not, impending breakup of the greatest Coach-QB combo in modern history (Brady-Belichick) is the NFL story of the year in 2018. IF it actually happens. Should the Pats march to another Lombardi and Tom stays upright and clean, then you cancel the Alex Guerrero tar and feathering. That said, the Pats punted on the “percentage play” on Brady v. Garappolo and they are gambling big time on Tom’s continued health. This is just one of many things you’ll hear me discuss in today’s CzabeCast. Special guest Andy Pollin. Plus Aloe Blacc and alligators. What’s not to like?



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