CzabeCast January 9, 2018


For my money, few sports “narratives” are more exciting than the “new phenom out of nowhere” who comes in and does amazing things. It’s the Tom Brady story. It’s Kurt Warner. It’s John Daly winning the PGA Championship. Now granted, this Tua kid has been on prep scouts’ radar for a while. He’s a 5-star stud. So the true “Cinderella” angle doesn’t quite fit perfectly. That said, what we saw on Monday night was amazing – assuming you could stay up late for it. In today’s CzabeCast I discuss with Drew Olsen of The Big 920 in Milwaukee why I feel this has bumped Texas-USC off the very top shelf (don’t worry, peeps, I’m not throwing it away!). Also I have figured out how to get this CzabeCast delivered via Libsyn to all of the usual places (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) so please search there, and subscribe. Bear with me while I iron out all of the rough edges of delivery, archiving and such.



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