Alabama’s National Championship Stunner In Tweets


I think this was the greatest college football game ever. Not the “best played” but certainly one of the most dramatic. Sure, Tua Tagovailoa may be a well-known 5-Star stud among the high school recruiting nerds of America, but to everybody else he was a “who the HELL is this kid?”

Alabama, college football’s ultimate “BOSS” team was getting its face kicked in. Trailing 13-0, Nick Saban pulls a bold move and pulls his 26-2 starting QB for a lefty Hawaiian wearing #13. Who has never started a college game.

And it worked. But not before a million crazy moments happened. If you missed it, you missed it. Here’s your cheat sheet!

The greek kid missed his 1st kick.

Body Control!

Everybody in the pool!

Hardman Jr. Flies Like the Wind

Look How Close it Was!

Tua Escapes To Help Alabama Off the Mat!

Mekhi Brown Loses His Mind

Mekhi Brown’s Punch

Two picks in 8 seconds

Georgia Has TWO “Get Back” Coaches

Tua improvises and Ridley helps save his ass!

The greek kid blows the Championship winning kick.

Coaches React to Missed Kick

The lefty freshman from Hawaii, ol’ #13, slings a legendary dart.


  1. Swear to God if Brown doesn’t pop up in the news in a few years after his 6th arrest for Lord knows what I would be shocked.


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