Aaron Rodgers Is Risen


One moment Aaron Rodgers is riding a cart into the lockeroom with tears in his eyes, his season presumably over. The next moment, he’s returned to the field with less than 5% chance of winning, and cuts out the Bears hearts. I was wrong, then right, and the Bears pulled an epic choke. More Week 1 NFL. Skins dominate. Scott Linn’s amazing “push” call. Yeti mic troubles. Serena meltdown and my thoughts on basic sportsmanship.


  1. Refreshing to hear your take on Serena. Really disappointed with Fowler and Chris Everet during the broadcast. They didn’t even mention the 2009 incident in which Serena was disqualified–thrown out of the match–right in the middle of a US Open final! They were fumbling around trying to find ways to excuse her behavior.


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