Football Five Ways Friday – Week 1


There are few things in life more glorious than a fall Friday, when you know a whole weekend of exciting football is in your future. Starting even perhaps, with your local high school tonight. Running into college on Saturday, then the big boys on Sunday. If you are a Premium Subscriber to the CzabeCast I hope you enjoy today’s special podcast. We serve football “5 Ways” in the form of 1) You Are Looking Live 2) Charch on Fantasy 3) Dennis Dodd on College 4) Mr. X on Gambling 5) Kevin Sheehan on the Redskins. And we’ll do it again next week, with a new special guest, and more voices from the world of the college game. Mr. X and Charch will be regulars, and of course we’ll always begin with a rousing “Y.A.L.L.”



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