Burgundy Jesus With His Panties In A Bunch


Adrian Peterson believes he’s going to be a big part of the Redskins season. I love his confidence. But history says it’s highly unlikely. Not just that, but several prominent ex-players like Shannon Sharpe and Cris Carter have come out and said they expect him to basically stink. Well, AP didn’t like that very much. Andy Pollin helps me shut down the 1801 Rockville Pike studios of WTEM. He also weighs in on the ESPN disaster known as “Get Up!” Czabe announces “CzabeCast Premium” and “The ALE Coin.”


  1. u mentioned tennis I think it was in this cast and while I’m on board that u can’t talk tennis on the radio my question is how is it no one in the media utters a word that Serena has to be jacked up on roids.
    Look at her for god sakes she’s as big as a gorilla.
    It’s clear as day.
    Ohh not to mention Venus serves it to her at 85 mph and Serena sends it back at 97!

  2. Watching tennis here and they got men’s and women’s on the split screen. All the sudden I hear the commentators keep saying the name Melosh. And I just start cracking up as there’s a tennis player in the U.S. Open name Melosh.
    Too funny.
    One more observation Serena’s on roids right?
    I mean look at her she looks like a gorilla. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way she is just huge. Venus is serving it at 85 mph and she’s sending them back at 97mph

  3. You know guys making the tour seldom do well. I know you like the Skins as at one time I did. They would not pay a QB and this is the answer? Come on Steve I respect you


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