Czabe Is In A Club Daze


So many questions… so many. This is what happens when a middle-aged white dude wanders into one of Vegas’ so-called “hottest” night clubs. An ear splitting headache, and fascination at what the “club scene” is all about. Antonio Brown is clearly unhappy, but not man enough to admit it. Drew Olson from the Big 920 in Milwaukee discusses with me the merits of paying NFL HOF’ers a salary, and giving them lifetime health care.


  1. Czabe… Heard your podcast asking a few questions about DJs. Business first….Love what you do and I have enjoying your work with B&B for over 20 years now. Big fan and plan my mornings around your B&B segment. Now to the DJ questions. Most big club DJs use CDJs.Its a mixer together with 2 small disc ( platter ) and bunch of effects and que buttons. It also has a “sync” button which makes it easy to be a club DJ. Us turntablist like to call them “button mashers”. A true DJ uses turntables and uses them as instrument. The mixers are very important to this set up. It too has effects and que point buttons but there is no “sync” buttons so it is truly mixing. The days of carry crates of wax to gigs is over. There is a few DJ programs that are being used now and Serato is the best in my eyes. Using your lap top to do this allows you to use your music library which ups your game if you put your time into your music.They do have DJ contest to see who is the best turntablist in the world. You Tube Red Bull DJ contest and you will see some awesome DJs. To get your name out there is all about social media and word of mouth. You Tube is a great tool. So my name is DJ ChillyChill from Milwaukee and You Tube me to see my work. Just a old school guy that enjoys music. Not a club DJ but more a private party corner bar kind of guy. Hope this helps paint a better picture to what a true DJ is. Thanks for what you do brother !!


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