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    Regarding kickers, they should change rule to require that kickers (including punters) must be a regular position player (running back, linemen, receiver, etc.).

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    Will be many nfl stadiums if nfl does not get act together

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    Yes!! Totally agree. Or the player attempting the kick must have been on the field for the previous play.

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    A big reason for the low percentage back in the day for field goal kickers is that the goal posts were on the goal line and if you missed the kick, the opposing team took possession on the 20 yard line, not the spot of the kick. There was not much of a risk for missing a kick. A 57 yard field goal attempt was actually kicked from the kicking teams 43 yard line. If it was missed, the other team took the ball on their own 20. A 37 yard change in field position. Today, the spot of a 57 yard FG is the opponents 47 yard line. If missed, that is where the other team takes possession, a 27 yard difference from back in the good old days.


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