Two Dreaded Weeks of “Not Football”…. And This Hot Mess…



CzabeCast January 23, 2018
The Pro Bowl… Meh
Thanks For The Feedback
I’m Not A Sports Expert
Rich at $14,000/Year
It Doesn’t Pay to Be Right
But I Still Try…. Foolishly
Where’s Merrill Hodge?

GUEST: Drew Olsen – The Big 920 – Milwaukee Wisonsin
Miracle Game Theory Disproven
Bend The Knee
Radio Row…. Double Meh
Webcasting Sports Radio
Flying Enemy Colors
Midwest Sports Hospitality
Brady Not Loved Like Jordan
Bucks Can Kidd
Are Yu Serious? Darvish A Brewer?
Free Agent Deep Freeze
F*** That Guy!
Don’t @ Me, Bro!
Sunday Night Baseball PXP

KICKER: “Emotional Support Duck”


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