When I Got The Job 24 Years Ago, I Literally Couldn’t Tell Them Apart


CzabeCast January 24, 2018
My Radio Big Brothers
DJI Take My Money
Size (Small) Matters
Brady Cheater Revisited

Guests: Bob and Brian – 102.9 The Hog – Milwaukee
Gratuitous F-Bomb
Tweet Hate
Bad SB QB Winners
I’ll Die Before Another Super Bowl
Dan Patrick on B&B
Mark Patrick Dash For Cash
Thanks Greg Noack
Who Are These Cheeseheads?
Calling Jim Brown
They Almost Fired Me!
My FM Baptism
Bob v. Brian on Sports
Books? For Suckers!
Jerry Kramer: Ultimate Packer
The Ice Bowl QB Sneak

Virginia’s Draconian Speeding Laws
Your State’s Most Fucked Up Thing


  1. Pre-Christmas had to get the DJI alpine white Mavic. Big Apple fan – plus what you got for the price – couldn’t be touched. This is my second Drone that I have owned. not sure if the Mavic Air is a big enough upgrade to make me regret my decision. Love to hear what you think after owning both.

  2. Thank you for giving me more of your time. I think the perfect radio/podcast is BBC. (for the lessor of all, Bob and Brian and Czabe.) Thanks again and hope for more. Ya ya… 26 years on the website, got it, but relevance is superior.

  3. Czabe,
    I’m sure I am not the first to tell you this but I was listening to you on B & B this morning talk a bit about your pod cast. Is there a mix up some where. I do not believe this is the right Pod Cast. Enjoy listening to you and B & B as much as I can. I look forward to catching up tomorrow with 2 Czabn Pod Casts.

  4. Turning in my homework assignment, Mr. Czaban.
    In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: “Any motorist who see a team of horses coming toward him must pull well off the road, cover his car with a blanket or canvas that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass.”
    Which reminds me, I should still someday find that recording and upload it to YouTube of an Amish guy flipping off my father and my family parked on the side of the road as they drove their buggy past.

  5. Czabe you might be aware this unique Wisconsin law regarding parents, legal guardians and/or spouses being legally able to take their underage children or spouse into a bar/tavern/restaurant and have alcohol served to them with the establishments permission. All must have prove of their relationship on their person. I have been in the business of buying or selling alcohol in Wisconsin for over 40 years and I have a current license to sell alcohol in Wisconsin.

    Loved the podcast with Bob and Brian, thank you.


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