CzabeCast Thursday June 21, 2018


Summer solstice time means Stonehenge, baby! Jeff Triplette has been given a cushy TV job. For real? Phil Mickelson is sorry. Hot dog to the face! Airline groping defense measures. SPECIAL GUEST: Andy Pollin, “Andy’s DC Sports Podcast.”


  1. SW Boarding.

    With your method, you could always still WHIFF on your choice. And, you fail to consider who is behind you.

    I always (and i don’t fly very much) use the A boarding, make a beeline for the LAST row, window seat.

    No kid behind me to kick the seat or use the tray table as a toy.
    Nobody to climb over me to get to the aisle.

    If I have to get up and use the Men;’s room, it’s THEIR problem, not mine.

    Albert In Tucson

  2. Tiplette’s the perfect choice for the MNF gig if you overlook his poor command of the rules, lack of situational awareness, and irritating, nasal voice.


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