CzabeCast Wednesday June 20, 2018


I want my legacy in sports radio to be TWO things! The “ALE” theory and “3-TV Set-ups.” I think I am on my way! Rumor season in the NFL. Popp visits Kawhi. Do NBA end-of-games need “fixing?” Defending the Caveman. Arguing past each other daily. SPECIAL GUEST: Me!


  1. Czabe, I love ya brother, listen every day, and was glad to have you back in January.

    One of the main reasons you’re the only sports radio show I listen to is because of your intelligent takes and your uncanny ability to keep the fuck out of politics. Please continue that trend and stay out of the political minefield of issues like locking kids in cages. I think a lot of people come to your show for shelter from the daily hate that is politics, but who knows.

    One last thing, get a Patreon so your fans can help support the show. You keep complaining about not getting paid, well do something about it!

    Keep up the good work and thanks for years of great content!


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