CzabeCast Tuesday February 27, 2018


I’m back and finally rested from our Mervis Diamonds/Team 980 week long adventure to South Africa. It was amazing, as expected, and then some. In today’s CzabeCast, I will tell you why I will never get over NOT being able to say that I was the one who took the above photograph! That belonged to listener David Black, who was not just a great photog, but a great guy with a handsome family! Still, damn him for outdoing me on this one! WOW! Look at that thing!

Drew Olsen joins me today, and we talk Kirk Cousins to Vikings, NCAA scandal, Catch Rule Re-Write, and Heather Locklear’s arrest for extreme crazy. All that plus FTG, and calling things what they are, even if it sounds a little bit judgemental.

All that and more, is yours on today’s CzabeCast! Download and enjoy at your leisure!

Ronnie Mervis and I navigate the links at Cape Royal GC.
Feeding celebrity elephant Sebakwe, the face of Amarula liquor.
Ready to head out on a game drive with fearless driver Corne and ace tracker Michael.
This was MY shot of a leopard we spotted last day. Not bad, but not as glorious as the one above!
A tough manual focus shot, through the branches, in very dark lighting. Pretty good. Not epic.
Ace photog David Black (background) with his son Jason getting ready to load up.


  1. Thanks Czabe…appreciate the mention. It was great meeting you and Deana being an avid listener for several years. The family thoroughly enjoyed the trip and hanging out with great people some of whom will remain connected. Although we’re now in Naples know that I am listening. Take care and enjoy Jamaica.


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