The Great Reckoning Is Here


If you believe the details emerging from the Pete Thamel story on about the upcoming nuke that’s about to hit college basketball, then we all might want to prepare for some really crappy looking tournament brackets in the years to come. Thamel says perhaps 30+ programs will be touched, Hall of Fame coaches may see their careers and reputations go up in flames, and of course many will cheer all of this as a potential pre-cursor to the end of the NCAA and players finally getting paid. In today’s CzabeCast I lay out what a post-apocalyptic landscape might look like. Spoiler: it won’t be the pay-for-play utopia that many are envisioning. I visit Andy Pollin’s basement this week, lest we get arrested for “car sitting” outside QDoba too many times. Andy even showed me some of his memorabilia, including this sweet ABC Sports banner he grabbed back in 1978!


  1. Funny, there was absolutely nothing concrete in that Thamel piece. Pure sensationalized clickbait posing as reporting. I’m not saying his conjecture won’t turn out to be at least somewhat accurate, but anyone who’s still willing to take Yahoo! at their word on something like this should come see me about some real nice oceanfront property in Arizona. I’ll cut you a GREAT DEAL, Czabe.

    Or, you know, we can wait and see what actually happens once there are real facts to report.

  2. While Czabe is off next week, may I recommend his friend Andy Pollin’s podcast (search term = Andy Pollin’s DC Podcast), which I got turned on to it via the Czabecast. It features interviews with (mostly) people with a connection to DC area sports. Completely different from the Czabecast, but well worth a listen IMHO.

  3. Vacated wins? So what? Look at Penn State-they got their wins back in less than 5 years. It’s a meaningless “punishment “ meant to fool people into thinking something is being done about corruption in college sports. Nothing will be done, because too many people are making money.

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