Football Five Ways Friday – Week 11


This week’s F5WF promises to be a cock-splitter of an episode! Buckle up for me and Mr. X to collaborate on our picks for Week 11. Paul Charchian dispenses essential fantasy advice. Timmy T-Time Murray keeps dishing out stone cold college winners! All that plus the legend of Nate Peterman is immortalized by John O’Hurley. If you don’t get it, then pry open your digital wallet for a mere $5 a month! Go to¬†and join the “Football Five Ways” party!


  1. Football five ways on Friday for Five Bucks. How much will it cost when football is over? “Boring Baseball and Golf Friday” for 5 bucks does not sound that great. You were great doing a national show on Fox. Maybe your czabecast could get the band back together. You Sollie and Scott together were the best and you did not limit yourself to Milwaukee and Washington. It was a “you” show about sports AND OTHER STUFF. I would pay to hear that again. It was awesome. I know you are trying new things Czabe but I want to remind you of what at least one listener LOVED about you, Scott and Sollie. Keep up the good work in whatever you decide to do. I still listen, but I year for those SB Nation Days and those XM days on Fox when you guys did a national show. I would PAY to hear that again!!!


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