Steakhouse Confidential #2 – Fred Smoot


The Mississippi Mouth never shied away from talking smack when he played in the NFL, and Fred Smoot hasn’t lost a step in retirement. He’s a relentless talker, impossibly upbeat at all times, and full of incredible stories from his days in both Washington and Minnesota. From playing with Sean Taylor, to the infamous Love Boat scandal with the Vikings, nothing is off-the-menu of topics in this nearly hour long sit down.

Steaks and service compliments of DC Prime Steakhouse in One Loudoun. Go to to make your reservations now for the holiday season!


  1. I have listened to Fred Smoot dozens of times over the years, but never was he as entertaining as this podcast. I attribute that to your undervalued and underappreciated skill at bringing out the best in a broadcast partner or interviewee. You are so good at thinking on your feet as the conversation develops.

    I am late in passing this along, but that steakhouse website is I am sure others, like me, are always looking to find a great steak!

    Love all your shows..

  2. Don’t know if i missed it, so if I did, please let me know: When are you going to explain the departure from B&B? I get mad every F-ing morning when I hear “Its Raining Men” and some other ass-clown starts squawking. Fess up buddy! Your podcasts are a very viable sub but I do miss ya on my commutes here in Racine.

  3. I enjoyed your first Steakhouse Confidential with your friends, but you can’t do that too often. I enjoy the podcast greatly and the best are with you and Andy, Drew and Jay. I too will sorely miss the B&B part of your shows. I’m waiting to hear more about the split. I don’t think you need “big names”, but past Redskins would be fun. Clinton? I have not listened to this one yet. What about Solly as a guest? Lovero is always good. NBA talk and NFL game recaps makes me fast forward. I liked the Babe Ruth book author. A change of pace.


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