Football Five Ways Friday – Week 17


Holy kneecap-splitters boys and girls, an entirely too huge edition of F5WF for your consumption on this final week of the regular season! Which teams can avoid the final weekend choke? Will Tua vs. Kyler live up to the hype? What constitutes a “meaningless” game? And why do NFL kickers “choke” on the longer XP? All these football mysteries will be answered within. Your football feast… is served!

00:00 – “You Are Looking Live” – Week 17
18:04 – The Picks & Locks – with “Mr. X”
45:19 – College Football Playoff Preview – Czabe Picks
50:13 – Ross Tucker on when to sit, and when to play?
1:03:31 – Paul Charchian: Lessons From Fantasy 2018
1:26:02 – Redskins PK Dustin Hopkins


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