Lambeau Field Doesn’t Just Roll Out of Bed Looking This Pretty


So I was explaining to my lovely wife and daughter why certain football fields this time of year look better than others. They were rather amazed. I also told her that my inept team’s field is garbage because they put basically no money into it. It all started when I told them that a quartet of high paid marketing suits had been given their walking papers by Dan Snyder today. It was quite a discussion. Also I chat about post-Christmas returns, debate the relative “brilliance” of Aaron Rodgers in Seattle during the NFC Title game choke. And more. There’s always more, people, you just gotta click “play.”


  1. Gidder? Are you fuckin kidding me? Please let’s not this be the regular “Wisconsin connection.” I get Olson isn’t an easy replacement but can we get an actual guy with insight and knowledge? I can get the same shit at any corner bar.


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