Football Five Ways Friday – Week 9


This week’s F5WF promises to be a dick-kicker of an episode! Buckle up for me and Mr. X to collaborate on our picks for Week 9. Paul Charchian dispenses essential fantasy advice. Timmy T-Time Murray plays the horse-race game, and says Kentucky (!) actually controls their own destiny! All that plus Raiders podcast host J.T. The Brick tries to put a brave face on the abysmal Silver and Black season. If you don’t get it, then pry open your digital wallet for a mere $5 a month! Go to¬†and join the “Football Five Ways” party!


  1. Czabe,
    I just wanted to comment on your FTG yesterday, Matt Patrice of the Lions. You were going to award him FTG for admonishing the reporter for not sitting up straight when asking him a question at his press conference. At the end you also included the reporter for his lack respect by the way he was sitting. I know you are a big Sapranos fan so I think Coach Patrice was only channeling his inner Tony Saprano when he did this. I have included a clip from when Tony asked a young man to take his hat off at Artie’ s restaurant. I am sure you would not award Tony your FTG or you may end up like Big Pussy. Love the show and today is my first day as a premium subscriber. Thanks

  2. Steve,

    I’ve enjoyed listening to you since you took over for Mark Patrick on the then-Lazer 103.

    And poof, you’re gone?

    What a shitty divorce.

    You don’t owe your listeners anything, but an explanation would be nice.


  3. I’ve been listening to you on Bob & Brian since the beginning and I just want to say that you will be missed. I hope there’s no bad blood between you and the guy’s, however I did seem to sense some tension during the very limited announcement today. Thanks for all the laughs!


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