If You Ball, You Get The Call!

The Saints and Rams put on a show in New Orleans, as Michael Thomas lights it up, and then dials up a throwback to Joe Horn on the celebration front. The Patriots keep winning, no matter who is healthy. And the rest of Week 9 in the NFL. A special basement chat with Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes in Philadelphia on sports radio, The Wing Bowl, and more. And a HS BBQ Varsity team? Whaaaa?


  1. sad to see the “Bob and Brian” deal come to an end…
    and from the good Folks of Burnet, Texas on that pronunciation of their city:
    It’s ‘Burn – it’, Durn it, now Learn it.

  2. Nothin’ lasts forever
    And we both know hearts can change
    And it’s hard to hold a candle
    In the cold November rain

    Do you need some time on your own
    Do you need some time all alone
    Everybody needs some time
    On their own
    Don’t you…

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