Hall of Fame Reckoning Comes Again: Joe Must Go In!


Every NFL fanbase has their “pet player” they feel deserves to be in the Hall of Fame above many other worthy candidates around the league. I get that part. But it strains the bounds of football common sense that the anchor of the first o-line to be known league-wide with a nickname “The Hogs” in Joe Jacoby, is still standing on the doorstep waiting in the rain. This year, has GOT to be the year. Andy Pollin and I talk about what has changed slightly in the deeply flawed Pro Football Hall of Fame voting process, that might be just what “Jake” needs to finally earn enshrinement. Hell, he only played every spot on the line besides center. He blocked speed demons like Lawrence Taylor and battleships like Richard Dent with equal dexterity. He went to 4 Super Bowls, won 3 of them, in two of those wins helped the Redskins set the big game record for rushing! In today’s CzabeCast we also talk about how far the Skins really are from playoff success again, what’s up with the ongoing TV ratings drain, and the movie “I, Tonya.”


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