My Boy Drew Magary Will Be Ready For the Rubber Room Sunday


As his Vikings set out to right the disastrous wrongs of past teams that couldn’t get it done! In today’s CzabeCast I make my NFC/AFC picks/predictions (hey, I was 3-0-1 last week!) and pay a house call to the foul-mouthed but addictive writer of the Funbag! on Deadspin. A wide ranging show today, that covers pitch clocks, butthurt baby NBA millionaires, and Goodell’s cabinet of flunkies. And Drew explains why he had his “Frank Grimes” meltdown on Bill Simmons after his latest Patriots column regarding Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady, and Jimmy G. It was a fun romp through a bunch of stuff. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Ok, Kirk isn’t Tom Brady but was Tom Brady Tom Brady in 2005?

    Watching the philly game, I realize that I’ll let the skins lose future HOF cousins for either Foles or Wentz. That’s about it.

    But I have a suspicion, comparing the Pats win vs the Eagles win, that we witnessed the difference between:

    1. great QB with about OK receivers.
    2. OK QB with great receivers.

    Foles looked great throwing balls to wide-open receivers. Sure, he had some good moments in the pocket but it helps when your WR’s get open and…dun dun dunnnn…CATCH THE BALL.

    Brady, I’ll assume is simply able to make slow, average WR’s with decent hands look like they’re great.

    I think Kirk is, or at least will be, great-ish but he’ll need a few WR’s that use their hands to catch the ball; not to bat it into the hands of the defense. When Kirk gets his superbowl MVP award next year, before going to disneyworld, he’ll be sure to thank Von Miller and his Denver receivers that caught his passes. Even a great QB needs a team around him.


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