“I Had This Crazy Dream About Tiger The Other Day….”


For a dreamy, amazing hour or so, we all time travelled back to the year 2000 at the British Open. Tiger Woods, in a blood red shirt and ink black pants, stood atop the leaderboard on the back nine on Sunday at a major. Hitting shots nobody else hits. Perhaps the greatest win in golf history was about to be written, by a guy who just 14 months ago was gorked out on goofballs, crashed in his car at the side of the road in Nowhereville Florida, unable to swing a club. Everybody thought: “This…. is… happening!” Then, it all disappeared, like a fever dream. John Ronis, my former swing instructor and co-host of “The Capital Golf Gang” joins me today to dissect where and how it came apart.


  1. For the life of me, I don’t understand why today’s young PGA guns don’t start up a “Operation: Tiger Forever!” program with the aim of keeping Woods in professional golf for as long as possible. The big network money will keep flowing in for those golfers, and they won’t have to worry about big crowds of yahoo spectators and media people, since both those groups will be with Tiger!


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