No Dunking, Crowd Noise Rule, and Other Insanity


As absurd as the NFL’s new “Squishing the Passer” rule has been, there are other rules in sports history which were equally insane. Andy Pollin sizes up the Redskins 2-1 start. How many countries are downloading this podcast? The feds are ready to crack down on airlines’ inhuman seat sizes.


  1. I love the CzabeCast and a day without Czabe is always empty! I have appreciated your self criticisms and you seem to take note of others thoughts as well. I’ve noticed something you do here that I don’t feel you do on your Radio show or even on Bob and Brian… More and more you’re trampling over your guests, by asking a question that they begin to answer, then jumping right back in to give your own thoughts on the question you just asked. You’re finishing people’s thoughts and your cutting off their own stories by jumping in to tell your own. You’ve got GREAT guest and I’d LOVE to hear them talk! I love your stories, but most of us here have heard them many times over the years. Let Drew talk more about his time on the road as a sportswriter (I’m sure there are some GREAT ones!) Allow Andy to tell his own classic “old timers” stories and let Charch banter on!!! Love the direction the podcast is taking and hope you can keep expanding some exclusive content (even if it’s about cleaning toilets) just to separate it more from the Radio and B&B show. Thanks for putting in the time!
    Eric – Sarasota, FL


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