The NFL’s Passing Fetish Is A Death Wish


Everybody loves high scoring, high-flying, throw it all over the field football. Problem is, the NFL is now like a heroin junkie, willing to do anything to support their addiction. In particular, instituting a viscerally hated rule that continues to enrage fans. Week 3 NFL roundup. Tiger Woods wins Tour Championship.


  1. Great Czabecast. Please keep it up on the “Roughing the Passer” madness. The league is playing with fire with the over the top rules favoring the offense. I used to be good for watching all day Sunday. Now, it’s more like a half if at all. We don’t want mediocre talent marching up and down the field with the aid of B.S. calls. One of my favorite football memories was watching the Giants vs. the Niners in the 1990 NFC Championship Game at a Niners sports bar. That game was a bloodbath and points were at a premium. Every yard mattered. Montana was knocked out of the game and you were still nervous because Steve Young came marching onto the field. I was just as terrified of their back up. Least favorite football memory is just about every Sunday these days along with last year’s no defense track meet of a Super Bowl. It’s tough to watch.

    • Agreed; and if you recall, that was after the 10-9 Monday night bloodbath between those two just a few weeks prior, with Ronnie Lott running up and getting in the face of one of the Giants at the end of the game. Good memories.


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