Once More, With Feeling (… and $100 Million of His Own Money)


CzabeCast January 26, 2018

Pro Bowl Pattycake
Vince’s XFL Re-Boot
What’s Success?
NFL Threat?
XP Rule Change Idea

GUEST: Andy Pollin, DC Sports Podcast
Qdoba Tryst?
The Fuller Brush Salesman Convention
Marv Levy and His Schmeckel
Send It In Jerome!
Mel Kiper Jr. Says He’ll Quit
Draft “Crapshoot”
Mayfield Douchebag?
Costas Lost His Love for Football
The NFL on NBC
Cosell Quits Boxing
Patriots v. Jags Recap
Tom Brady Over-rated
All Defense All The Time
Case Keenum: Not Good Enough
Root for NFC East?
Mack Holllins Local Kid
Division of Champions
Jay Gruden Quipster
Cowboy Hat Coaches
XFL Gimmicks
Wiz Players Only Meeting
Andy Betting NBA?
Home NFL TV Blackouts
MNF Halftime Highlights
“Chipotle, Only Closer”

Leave With This…
The Garoppolo SB Tax Factor


  1. Hey Steve,
    Your missing the big picture on the XFL. It has come to my attention that the XFL will be an offshoot of the NFL despite what your being told or what you think the XFL was, NFL owner’s are already in a betting war to own one of the eight teams in the XFL for the simple reason of moving a 53 team roster to a 106 team roster. The XFL will provide to the NFL what the NFL can’t because of a contract clause from noncompeting against Universities.This will also streamline student athletes into the XFL with an unspoken understanding that they will be playing for a minor-league Cowboys team or a minor-league Patriots team while getting paid $$$ to which Universities can’t do. And instead of waiting for luck of a draft to roll the dice on whether or not a number one draft pick can play in an NFL system. Now they will have a clear advantage over developing players to contract directly straight into the NFL league. What you had a running back injured? now you can send him down to the minors and bring up a quality replacement without tanking your year. If you want more proof. You will have to stop by and sing a non-disclosure contract. Cheers.

  2. One of the midday show hosts on WIP was in the hospital for the last 2 weeks with “internal organ issues.” I would assume that is why they are not going to Minny.


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