That Time John Madden Completely Blew The Super Bowl



CzabeCast January 25,2018

Vince McMahon XFL2?
Post-9/11 SuperBowl
Madden’s Strategic Blunder
Understated Summerall
Saving Timeouts

Notorious J-A-Y: Jay Cottrell
“We” All Love Cee-Lo Green?
Steve Harvey Sucks
Philly’s Fictional Sports Hero
Steeler Fan Frustration
James Harrison
Dez Bryant Distraction?
Fringe NFL Players
AJ Francis
White WR’s Thriving
RIP White Safeties In NFL?
Weed Out Theory
Defending Gronk
Sherman’s Epic Postgame
Dropped N-Bomb?
Baker Mayfield
Kevin Love v. Derek Rose
Players Only Meeting
Wizards Disfunction
LeBron’s Instagram
Monique v. Netflix
Friend of Jay?
“Hood Funny”
Juicy Iverson Beatdown
Amy Shumer Is Disgusting
Janet Jackson Pre-Nup
FTG: Pitch Clock Fans

Leave You With This…
Homework Coming In: Your state’s most fucked up thing!
Opting In to Tech Slavery


  1. Czabe, you are 100% correct on you remarks about the end of the Pats first S.B. One thing you may have forgotten to further prove the point was the Pats D at that point of the game was GASSED. As a lifelong Pats fan I’ve watched that game many times on my 3 Games to Glory DVD. They had played their guts out holding that high powered Rams offense to 3 points over the first 3 quarters. The Rams scored twice late in the 4th to tie it up. If the Rams had won the coin toss in OT there was a 99.99999% chance they were going to score on the first possession because the defense had nothing left in the tank. They had to go for it in regulation.


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