Reunited, And It Feels So Good!


Chris Cooley is an artist, a slob, a genius, a goofball, and guy who is still obsessed with football now that he’s retired. I missed him, so I talked to him about his exhaustive scouting reports, Zoolander, and the “Fab 5” QB prospects in the NFL Draft.

CzabeCast Rundown Thurday 04-05-18
Jack Nicklaus Grandkid Aces #9
Tony Finau Injury
Belichick’s Revenge??

Chris Cooley – Morning Radio Host, The Team 980
1 Almost Zapping His Mom To Death
2 Why Not Start Own Scouting Service
3 Off-Schedule vs. On-Schedule WR’s
4 Gronk Unhappiness: Is It Real?
5 Scouting Thumbnail: Sam Darnold
6 Scouting Thumbnail: Josh Rosen
7 Scouting Thumbnail: Josh Allen
8 Scouting Thumbnail: Baker Mayfield
9 Scouting Thumbnail: Lamar Jackson
10 Zoolander Movie Quotes Universal

FBI College Basketball Prosecution Coming Apart


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