Well, It Was *Just* A Sublexation After All… No Biggie


Tony Finau’s dislocated ankle, turned -4 opening round is one of the great “golf injury” stories in a long time. But was it really that impressive? I’ve got everything you wanted to know about popping your ankle back into it’s socket, but were afraid to ask.

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Sergio’s Awful, No Good, 15th Hole

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6 Jay’s Top 5 White Basketball Players Ever
7 RG3 Is A Raven: Will He Make It To September
8 Other Body Parts To Pop Back Into Place
9 Blac Chyna Loses Her Mind, Endorsement at Six Flags
10 F*** That Guy!

Judge Gets DUI, Takes Year Off, Given Raise: America!


  1. N-word substitutions;
    Justin Timberlake and Madonna have tried ninjas as a substitute, but have been called out for it. Which I don’t get


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