Send In The Clones


Every NFL owner wants the “next Sean McVay” I am sure. Problem is, there’s only one. And oh yeah, having great players kinda matters too. But short of getting the actual Sean McVay, it seems like some teams just want a guy who looks like him! Young, thin, handsome! (Preferably with a stubble beard!) Handsome looking McVay knockoffs in Matt LaFleur and Kliff Kingsbury are in for the Packers and Cardinals. How will the do? Who knows! Notorious J-A-Y joins me, and we cover a long list of completely unimportant topics. So what? Shut up and smash the triangle button. You’ll like it!


  1. Love ya, Czabe, but Oliver Stone is not your friend. Occam’s Razor. JFK was assassinated by a left-wing extremist. That so many people have been convinced to believe something approaching the exact opposite (it was really shadowy right-wing figures!) stands as the most astounding distortion of a single, significant event in U.S. history.

    I’m sure you can handle your doubt about this event, but considering the vast cover-up it implies, too many others can point to it and use it to excuse their own poor decisions.


    CJ in PA


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