Steakhouse Confidential S2E3 – Jimmy Speros, Strength Coach

A special conversation with Jim Speros, former Clemson player, father of Clemson coach, owner of Baltimore Stallions and owner of Velocity Wings


You might wonder why Jim Speros, a former strength coach who now runs 9 locations of Velocity Wings in the DC area is worthy of a Steakhouse Confidential, right? Well, what if I told you he had a front-row seat with the Redskins during the heyday of the early 80’s? That not only was he himself a member of the 1981 Clemson National Championship team but that his son has been on the coaching staff of the Clemson Tigers for the last two title runs. That he was one of the first team to start wearing UnderArmour CEO…






  1. Czabe I love you man and love your show. I am a premium subscriber and would never give that up, but dude these steakhouse confidentials suck. The audio is terrible, and your drunk buddies talk over each other. I don’t know who told you these were good and worthy of the premium spot. I am a member of Czabecast group and almost to a man no one had anything positive to say about these. You deliver a great show and if this gets you free steaks for you buddies okay, but it is terrible radio.

  2. I went into this with a Meh- minus expectation, thinking it was going to be a Clemson slobber-fest. I was wrong.

    Jim’s dive into the 80’s Redskins was fantastic story-telling. It made me long for the days of when our team was fucking winning.

    While maybe not premium quality, the overall content of Steakhouse Confidential has been entertaining. Sometimes the best conversation is had over casual drinks and a dinner.

    More Pollin and Loverro! I miss those shows. Thanks for the quality content through the years.


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