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    Tick Tock

    The soon to be former Miller Park will be called something like AmFam Field or AmFam Park, it won’t be called American Family Insurance Park.

    Also whats so great about the Miller Field logo? It just says Miller Park with a couple of baseballs and some barley pops. It someone from another planet didn’t know what Miller beer is and looked at the sign they wouldn’t have a clue Miller was the 2nd largest brewer in the world.

    I’m sure the designers for the new sign will punch something out unique and exclusive to Am Fam. the bar isn’t set that high.

    American Family is a Fortune 500 Co. and one of the top 5 in Wis.

    1. 1.1

      Tom Boyd

      The point is…they are THE BREWERS sponsored by a beer company. Get it? Now it will be sponsored by an insurance company. DUH

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    By the way, the Immaculate Reception happened during the 1972 playoffs, not during one of their Super Bowl years. The following week the Steelers lost to the undefeated Dolphins in the AFC Championship game.

  3. 3


    Miller still synonymous with Milwaukee. Beer and baseball go hand in hand. Nobody likes insurance companies.

  4. 4


    Miller synonymous with Milwaukee. Beer and baseball go hand in hand. Nobody likes insurance companies.

  5. 5

    Kyle in KC

    I will always call it “Miller Park”!!

    Up to the day the roof hits the ground for the second and last time.

    Go Brewers!

  6. 6


    “How on earth can the Brewers lose the most perfect name, and perfect stadium logo in the major leagues? Oh, that’s right. They didn’t think it was worth the money anymore. Yeah… capitalism.”

    How on earth did 102.9 lose the most popular segment on their morning show? Oh that’s right….money talks…..yeah….capitalism….


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