He Has Questionable Taste In Rap Music


But then again, what did you expect from a sheltered, suburban, middle-class white boy? Notorious J-A-Y is in disbelief at my favorite songs. He’s also not feeling it on this current HOF class in MLB. We talk about the bad call, reviewable P.I. and more! Also the breakdown on Bruce Allen’s impromptu presser in Mobile, Alabama. And this is not a drill: The Sopranos “prequel” movie… is a GO!


  1. NO need to review PI calls. Its balls and strikes. I feel like we are forgetting it was head to head defenseless receiver. Was there not a recent push to punish and deter this by the NFL. Booth/NFL should have been able to step in and call something on that in the name of safety. If that would have happened the narrative would be “that ram defender was a dumbass!!” I feel that is a better answer. NFL steps in on matters of safety. ANd for OT. Just go to a 5th quarter. DO a coin flip or go home team and then just play out the quarter. Make is shorter if you want. Maybe 10 min or 12 min. But just let it play out.


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