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    Tick Tock

    why are there just randomly sprinkled yellow seats in the stadium? did the red ones break?

    Also reading one of the links you have attached to the story says all you need to know about how delusional this guys is. The link attached to Richmond Times and the paragraph discussing training camp in Richmond. Bruce is telling what an economic impact the training camp has on Richmond then says and I quote, “7.8 billions unique viewers read stories on the teams camp.” Problem with that is there isn’t that many people in the world!


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      The red ones apparently are cushions that ticket holders “purchase” for their seats — and thus the yellow ones are empty seats with no cushion. Makes the stadium look much fuller on TV than it really is

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    Love the headline, yes, Bruce Allen is as villainous as Governor George Wallace at this point.

    I thought that it was weird when Allen described the Alex Smith signing as a “no brainer” for him and the “coaches” and even mentions “Greg Manusky” as having been in on the decision, which begs the question: Was Jay Gruden one of the “coaches” in on the Smith decision?


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