The Saints-Rams Aftermath Is Even Better Than The Game


Even if you are tired of the debate about reviewable P.I. and overtime rules, you have to admit that this game and this call is producing some amazing and hilarious secondary material. Like, just take ONE wild guess as to which high profile media member actually got duped by the totally faked jersey swap pic above? Andy Pollin joins me to talk about Sunday’s games, the Redskins and Danny Boy, and more. Oh, and Adrien Broner is crazy. But… funny.


  1. Andy, Andy, Andy….despite his many years on earth and in the sports talk game, he believes man and sport are perfectable. Not so. And the Saints “deserved” nothing — the game was NOT in the bag. They had chances to put the game away after the ill-fated play. Replay and the associated delays are killing the game for the home viewer. Less replay for me, please.

  2. Francesca might be in the early stages of Alzheimer or early onset of dementia.
    This photo shop isn’t even remotely close to authentic. Stevie Wonder could of called this.


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