The Storybook Ending Gets Stuffed In A Locker


Normally, an undefeated juggernaut that had overcome losing 5 starters from a team that went to the Final Four and lost (to Iowa, no less!) coming back to avenge said loss and then cutting down the nets… would have been “chef's kiss” perfection. Instead, it denied the sports world the ultimate Caitlyn-gasm ending. ANDY POLLIN joins me to discuss. Will Clark be a “wave” or a “tide” that lifts all women's basketball boats? In the men's bracket, UConn beats a fierce Alabama squad as “Mt. Edey” awaits. Dome games suck for hoops. “Who's got the duct tape? I'm out…” plus media musings as Norby gets whacked, and our boy Andrew Siciliano meets “The Turk” at NFL Network. MORE . . .

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