Tuesday: Bob and Brian “Cheat Sheet”


Here’s your Tuesday morning cheat sheet for Bob and Brian. Follow along with these reference videos as we talk about them, or remember to come here once you get to work and sit down to start wasting your employer’s time!

Brock Osweiller’s “7-Yard Fumble”

What a mess this was. It looked like a fluffed, weak pass in real life. But the hyper technical application of the rulebook, meant it was a recovered fumble, which was then never advanced, and then abandoned. The game was held up for several minutes to review, and of course, they upheld the call.

Here’s the full play via NFL Video.

Jim Harbaugh Uses Bizzaro Formation

This is apparently legal, although I am pretty sure you cannot snap the football from this formation. I wonder what a play WOULD look like however, if you snapped it in the “Caterpiller” formation!

Meet Bartman’s “Mr. No”

It’s been 13 years since the infamous foul ball to the kid in the green turtleneck wearing headphones. And while many people are hoping for, even begging, for a Bartman first pitch – or some other act of forgiveness/closure, don’t expect it to happen.


Because Bartman actually has AN AGENT, whose only job… is to say “no.”

To everything!

In 2005, an ESPN reporter followed Bartman from his family’s home to his employer’s parking garage, waiting hours in an attempt to get an interview. Later, when ESPN was producing a “30 for 30” segment about Bartman, it reached out in hopes of interviewing him. News organizations have made similar requests, and the way Murtha sees it, there’s nothing in it for Bartman, and the answer — including to those 15 or so requests Murtha has fielded since this past Wednesday — is always no.

Full story here at the Chicago Tribune.



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