Wednesday B&B Cheat Sheet: Teeth, Spiders, Dunks


Modern goalies in the NHL wear some of the most well designed and reinforced facemasks and helmets. That doesn’t mean you still can’t lose some chicklets after getting drilled by a whistling slapper at point blank range. The Lightning’s Ben Bishop found that out first hand Tuesday night.

Australian has some of the move venomous and dangerous… well… EVERYTHING! You name it. I’m surprised that Australia doesn’t have cows with fangs who can run faster than deer. Or snakes that shoot fire. Or… maybe spiders strong enough to lift a dead mouse straight up a wall with… oh … uh… what? Holy s***…..

The San Antonio Spurs have had great Hall of Famers like David Robinson and Tim Duncan. They have also been great because they have found awesome players who nobody knew about coming out of college. Tony Parker (28th overall, out of France), Manu Ginobli (57th overall, Argentina) and now Kawhi Leonard (15th overall, SDSU).

Well, who in the fuck is this Jonathan Simmons guy who scored 20 points off the bench last night while punching the “loaded” Warriors in the face? The guy who snuffed a breakaway layup, “LeBron Style”, and then went postal on Javale McGee?

He’s a one year NCAA player, who then played semi-pro ball, and was a D-Leager. He looks like a flat out stud.

The Spurs piss me off.

Gronk Goes Undercover as a Lyft driver. While I should be surprised at how clueless people can be, I’m actually not. And of course you can edit out every 10 people who recognize him IMMEDIATELY to get the 1 person who doesn’t.

Still…. pretty damn funny. “I have like… four posters of him.”


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