Cam Newton Is Entitled To His Feelings, But It Doesn’t Make Him Right


Cam Newton says not getting calls for un-necessary roughness has been “the story of his life” in the NFL. Well… not exactly. In fact, for the first two years of his Panther career, he got MORE CALLS THAN ANY OTHER QB!

And even for the next 3 years he’s been 4th in the league in getting personal foul calls PER pass attempt.

So in other words, he’s full of shit. But he FEELS like he’s not getting protected by the refs, and consequently he “doesn’t feel safe” out there anymore and that it’s “taking the fun” out of the game.

Just when you thought this guy couldn’t get more embarrassing or pathetic, you’re wrong. While it would be nice if the game was always “fun” the notion that he’s entitled to always having “fun” is ridiculous. And what happened to “Superman” Cam? Superman “scared” now?

I’ll grant him this. The refs missed the call where he got submarined at the knees. But refs miss calls. It happens. The Redskins Jamison Crowder nearly got decapitated in plain view by a facemask at the goal-line. No call.

Grow up. Man up. It’s a violent, violent game. I am sure many players think: “This is fucking CRAZY! What am I doing out here?” You get paid a lot. You dab. You wear silly hats after games.

And yeah, you get your share of flags.



  1. Cam is a complete hypocrite!!!! We do not hear from him if they are 7-1. He is a complete jackass, he has to have himself in the spotlight regardless, he isn’t getting press because they are winning, so here we go. Let’s get on our soap box about getting hit. Once you leave the pocket & become a runner all bets are off dumbass!!!

  2. This is whining with a purpose. Just trying to get a few more calls and was waiting until there an obvious one that got missed. So, he’s the LeBron of the NFL.

  3. It’s funny that when CAM wins he’s can’t wait to find a microphone and spout off. When he loses … hmmm. He doesn’t answer questions, he walks away like a spoiled little baby.


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