Bob and Brian Cheat Sheet – 11/1/16


Meet the Brooklyn Tigers! The team the Raiders just bumped from the record books for most accepted penalties in a single NFL game!

I believe two of their penalties were for….
“Spitting Tobacco on the Field: 5 yards.”
“Illegal Use of Black Guy: 15 yards.”


Paulina Gretzky wins Halloween. Every damn year!

Slay, All Day 🗡@casamigos @jeremyc0hen #casamigoshalloween

A photo posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Finally, I’ve been getting a lot of emails (okay, “alot” equals three to be exact, but that qualifies as “alot” when it’s about such a random and niche subject) about the “ultimate” sweatpants I bragged about last winter. You know, the insanely expensive ones from Under Armour? Well, here they are, although unfortunately they seem to be phasing this particular style out. Good luck! And rest assured, it’ll be the best $100 you’ve ever spent on lazywear!



  1. Will never understand the slobbering fascination with Paulina Gretzky. Looks like Wayne, but bony, with no ass and a nice rack. Waaaay too many better looking babes out there.


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